Back in the later 90's, Scherber Companies was just a dream for Corey & Kati, then high school sweet hearts.  With 10+ years under his belt working in the construction/excavating industry, Corey, along with his new wife, Kati, decided it was time to make their dream a reality, and in 2002, Scherber Companies was born.  Over the next 20 years, we have 

successfully completing many complex foundation excavations and....with complete customer service has earned repeat business and consulting services from numerous high-end clients.


The company's creator Corey Scherber worked 10+ years as an excavator on a full array of projects before venturing out on his own with the goal to build his company’s culture on a foundation of keeping the workers safe, well equipped, and fully supported. 

Our well-trained staff is capable of handling a variety of heavy machinery to ensure a safe and efficient solution for every project.  Family owned and operated.  Custom, luxury homes, high-end builders